About Us

We Make a Difference in their Life

Society as we know it today is full of disparities when it comes to the affordability and accessibility to usual life needs. These disparities are even more arduous when it comes to people’s healthcare. In the mobility aid space there is an affordability gap, but there is also a surplus of unused mobility aids that exist in households that only require them for a short period of time. At this point people do not have a convenient method to donate these mobility related devices to people in need, however, on the other hand there is a large population of people that are in need of these devices who either lack the insurance or the money needed to obtain these essential, mobility related products. We actively seek surplus mobility aids in our community and surroundings and after minor repairs and sanitization we deliver it to people or other charitable institutions in need of such devices.

How We Started:

When I saw that my Grandma no longer needed to use her cane that she was supplied with after her surgery, I realized that this cane could be used by somebody else as she would likely not use it again for many years. Although I had a cane to donate I lacked a mechanism to match it to someone who is in need of it. At that point, my brother and I decided that there is an unmet need for a mechanism that would match these unused mobility aids to the needy who cannot afford them. This is how our project came to existence.

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